Deliver Your Brand Promise

  • Customer Experience

    Customer Experience: Providing customers a consistent, outstanding experience is essential to building brand value. CHEFS manages the key elements of a defined brand experience to ensure that your brand promise is delivered to every customer, every time.

  • Operations Excellence

    Operations Excellence: Running an effective operation requires scrupulous attention to detail. CHEFS continuously monitors and measures the critical control points in your daily operations necessary to meet your stringent standards.

  • Knowledge Center

    Real Time Coaching: Today’s fast paced food service environment leaves little time for coaching and constructive feedback. CHEFS combines real time data and behavioral observations to create a dynamic tool for on-the-spot coaching and training. Positive employee behavior can be reinforced.

  • Community

    Knowledge Center: “Big Data” doesn’t need to be cumbersome and complex. CHEFS lets you collect accurate, structured and continuous data quickly and efficiently, while eliminating paper checklists, audits and inspections. Cloud-based data storage and agile mobile technology build real time centers of knowledge that can be easily accessed across your entire organization. Leading indicators and advanced analytics support better, faster decision making.

  • Real Time Coaching

    Community: CHEFS is building a global community of food safety industry leaders. World class benchmarking is shared to improve stakeholder confidence across the entire industry.

Disney© CHEFS - Computerized HACCP Enhanced Food Safety

CHEFS is built on more than a decade of HACCP best practices proven in some of the most challenging food and beverage operations in the world. Using mobile handheld technology and wireless temperature probes, CHEFS eliminates paper checklists, improves food safety and delivers a better customer experience.

CHEFS is a fully integrated food safety / HACCP tool offered by ICertainty through its licensed technology with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It is built upon Disney’s award winning food safety training program as recognized by the International Association for Food Protection Black Pearl Award for corporate excellence in food safety.

"At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we believe in sharing the availability of Disney-licensed safety and accessibility technology and expertise for use beyond Disney. By doing this we can share our knowledge, learn from others, and increase the safety awareness of companies and agencies around the world."

Greg Hale, Chief Safety Officer and Vice President of Worldwide Safety and Accessibility for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

World Class Food Safety
Greg Hale Chief Safety Officer
Greg Hale

Chief Safety Officer Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide

Mahmud Dhanani Vice President, Food and Beverage
Mahmud Dhanani

Vice President, Food and Beverage Optimization Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

David Njoroge Executive Chef
David Njoroge

Executive Chef
Sanaa-Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge

Farm to Fork Food Safety



Food safety, product quality, service excellence, sanitation, facilities management are some of the critical areas that worry all operators. CHEFS is the tool foodservice workers can use to control critical control points from receiving a delivery to serving high quality, safe food to customers.



CHEFS helps meet the increasing food safety requirements associated with food distribution: Ensuring proper temperature and product condition, demonstrating that quality and safety standards have been maintained during the entire pick, load and delivery process, immediate documentation whenever food safety issues arise and proactive measures to prevent or reduce food safety risks before product is ever delivered.



Use CHEFS mobile technology to perform sanitation, quality and safety checks for all critical control points and eliminate the cumbersome paperwork of USDA, FDA and GFSI certification compliance. Send results immediately to customers as soon as production runs are completed.



Transparency and traceability all the way back to the farm. CHEFS automates supply chain audits so you can track critical food safety and quality data – including GRL information – in real time. Increase confidence in the performance of your grower and processor, and enable immediate corrective actions whenever necessary.